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What Are Claim Supplements?

Claim Supplements - Affiliated Adjustment Group - NY

Evaluating property damage for insurance cost estimations can be challenging. Multiple factors influence the total cost of damage repair. While some property owners know the technicalities, many struggle to claim the rightful insurance coverage. Claim supplements are vital to maximizing your insurance claims. We have provided every detail you need to know below.

Claim Supplements - An Overview

When you receive damage on your property, you call the insurance company to arrive at the location and evaluate the damages. The insurance team thoroughly checks the place and gives an estimated repair cost that you may claim from the company (private and commercial claims). However, these estimates may miss out on some expenses that unfold during the repair process.

To ensure you get compensated for additional repair costs, you may submit cost estimates to the company that the insurance adjuster did not list among the claims. Providing additional documents can help you in your insurance loss recovery.

Who Evaluates Claim Supplements?

When an insurance company provides the initial repair estimate, they use their personal experience to draw estimates. Some insurance companies try to trick property owners by offering them smaller insurance claims (to cover repair costs). However, having a contractor visit your property can clear the false air.

Property repair contractors provide actual costs with material information to help you plan the repair part. If you notice the insurance company more than estimates the costs, you can ask the contractor to provide a documented detail to submit to the insurance company. The company reviews the application to approve additional costs.

How to Maximize Claim Supplements?

Strong advocacy is an important part of claiming your property damages from your insurance company. When you know the dos and don’ts of insurance claims, you can maximize your claim supplements. Here are a few tips to achieve this objective.

Seek a Public Adjuster’s Help

A public adjuster can help you gain maximum advantage on your insurance claims. They represent your case with proper evidence to seek approval.

Maintain Documentation

When you face a property damage problem, you may record evidence (photos, videos, etc.) to support your arguments during insurance claims.

Avoid Cleaning and Repairing

You may leave the place untouched before the insurance company’s representative arrives at the location and evaluates the damage.

Public Adjusting Firms NYC

The above details highlight the basic details of claim supplements. If you need professional assistance to claim property damages, contact Affiliated Adjustment Group today to get started.


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