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AAG Recovery Network - Affiliated Adjustment Group - United States

AAG Recovery Network

Comprehensive Support

At Affiliated Adjustment Group we recognize that every claim is unique. This is why achieving optimal results requires a broad range of claim management skills and expertise. We assume total project management by providing a wide spectrum of claim preparation and adjusting services. Following an in-depth policy analysis and assessment of damages, we then work closely with the insured to prepare a detailed and documented claim. This goes beyond simply negotiating your compensation and extends into our comprehensive recovery network for helping you with every aspect of your commercial or residential rehabilitation, from emergency services like plumbing and electricity to appraisals and forensic accounting support.

While other adjusters might be able to help you understand your claim, no other firm understands the numerous interdependent components that need to be addressed before you can resume business as usual. For example, how can you begin rebuilding your property without knowing how to remove the wreckage and debris? How can you salvage viable assets from your loss without knowing their real value?

At AAG we know that any loss creates hundreds of complicated questions. This is why we focus on big-picture solutions that get you on the road to recovery as quickly as possible.

Together We Are Stronger

At AAG we understand that fire, water damage, windstorm, or another insured catastrophe, and the period immediately following it can be crucial to the future of any business. Let us help you navigate your insurance claims effectively and as efficiently as possible. As one of the largest public adjusting firms in the industry, AAG not only has experience with all types of loss but also operates as an organization that allows each of our adjusters accesses to over forty years of in-depth industry expertise. So when you engage AAG as your representative, you know that you have a full range of corporate resources at your disposal and a time-honed process for achieving proper indemnification for any type of loss.

Recovery Services

Emergency Services - Public Adjuster - Affiliated Adjustment Group
Building - Public Adjuster - Affiliated Adjustment Group

Emergency Services

  • Building Envelope

  • Building Interior Services

  • Plumbing & Electric

  • Debris Removal

  • Drying & Dehumidification

  • Security


  • Commercial Estimating

  • Residential Estimating

  • Architectural & Engineering

  • Construction Services

Contents - Public Adjuster - Affiliated Adjustment Group
Accounting - Public Adjuster - Affiliated Adjustment Group


  • Machinery & Equipment

  • Business Personal Property

  • Homeowner Contents

  • Appraisal Services


  • Forensic Accounting

  • Clerk Of The Works

  • Claim Prep

Environmental - Public Adjuster - Affiliated Adjustment Group
Legal - Public Adjuster - Affiliated Adjustment Group


  • Testing

  • Protocol

  • Remediation


  • Court Hearings

  • Legal Filings

  • Consulting

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