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Reasons You Could Be Denied For A Property Damage Claim

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According to insurance policies, you must immediately notify them of any loss, mainly because your odds of being happy with your settlement decrease if you wait too long to register a claim. This is because policies include deadlines for submitting claims and describing harm.

But, this is not the only reason why property damage claims are denied by insurance providers. When it comes to commercial claims for property damage, it is always best to hire an insurance adjuster who will evaluate the extent of the damage apart from the adjuster assigned by the insurance provider.

Insufficient Documentation

This is a common mistake that leads to property damage claims getting rejected. What's worse is this can be easily avoided by simply hiring a public adjuster. Once you submit a property damage claim, one of your duties as a property owner is to demonstrate the losses and/or damages to the insurance provider.

Your case won't be helped by incomplete inventories of assets on or in your property before the loss or by inadequate documentation of the damage to your property. Taking pictures of the damage's aftermath and submitting them to support your claim is crucial to precisely and thoroughly record the harm done to your property.

Not Taking Action

So, you've been through property damage and commercial claims before but didn't pay attention. After a loss occurs, the policyholder is responsible for preventing more damage to the property and minimizing the loss. A denial might be justified by failing to take reasonable measures to limit the degree of the loss and leaving the property vulnerable to further loss. Failing to take action to prevent future damages can be a reason the insurance provider refuses your property damage claims.

Property Damage Claims NYC

When a property owner purchases an insurance policy, they are obligated to keep up with routine, anticipated maintenance, and the insurance company's coverage will be available in the event of an unforeseen loss. The owner is expected by the insurance to avoid damage. Wear and tear exclusions shield insurers from responsibility where damage is truly the result of the insured's failure to make necessary repairs, replacements, or upkeep of parts of the property.

You can hire the expertise of an insurance adjuster who can prevent the denial of your property damage claim. The team at Affiliated Adjustment Group is ready to help you with your property damage claim.


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