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Reasons for Denial of a Property Insurance Claim

Property Insurance Claim - Affiliated Adjustment Group - New York

Handling a property insurance claim might be challenging. The recovery procedure might be considerably more difficult if your insurance provider abruptly denies your claim. There are a few typical reasons why insurance companies reject property insurance claims, which is why you need to hire a reliable public adjuster to avoid claim denials.

Lack of Proper Coverage

Home insurance can protect you from a variety of threats, but not all of them. While fire, lightning, and wind damage are normally covered by standard house insurance, the policy has several limitations. For instance, mold and water backup losses are not covered unless you pay an additional premium to add them to your policy. Additionally, damage due to floods and earthquake require separate insurance. Expect your claim to be rejected if the source of the damage is not one of the covered events listed in your policy.

Incomplete Information

One of the most frequent errors made when filing insurance claims is omitting information or doing so without fully filling out all of the necessary papers, which often occurs when one doesn't have a public adjuster. Your claim may take longer to process or could be denied if you don't have enough evidence of the property damage or your losses. Additionally, incomplete data might affect your property damage claim. You can get assistance from an insurance attorney in compiling evidence and facts to back up your property insurance claim.

Missing the Deadline

The majority of house insurance providers have deadlines for filing claims. The usual timeframe is 180 days to a year from the date of damage. However, this can vary depending on the firm and your policy. However, you usually need to contact your insurance provider sooner – frequently within 24 to 72 hours – to report the occurrence or event.

Property Insurance Claims In NYC

Apart from an insurance adjuster, hiring a public adjuster will make sure your insurance claim is filed on time. For more information on insurance loss recovery, you can always contact the experts at Affiliated Adjustment Group.


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