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Commercial Claims

Do You Know The Extent Of Your Business Coverage?

Business owners—who usually do not have their own claims adjusters—face a distinct challenge when navigating property insurance claims like a flood, fire, and natural disaster recovery. Executives often find they have to interrupt their critical business recovery operations for damage mitigation.


Recovery is also stalled while they devote pivotal human resources to the admittedly complex insurance claim process with its business interruption calculations and the prodigious loss details required by insurance carriers. Most find that relying on a team of professional public adjusters to handle all claim settlements accelerates their financial recovery.



What Can AAG Do For Your Business?

We manage your property insurance claim from start to finish. While business owners and their executives know their businesses best and are the keys to recovering critical business operations quickly, a sound financial foundation is crucial. That’s where we come in.

AAG’s adjusters can:

  • Evaluate your current property insurance policy to properly strategize how to best present your claim to your insurance

  • Value, document and substantiate each loss detail

  • Negotiate on your behalf with your property insurance company

  • Ensure that you’re informed of our progress each step of the way

  • Settle your property insurance claim for the largest amount possible with the least heartache

Contact AAG today to talk with one of our adjusters about how we can help you get everything you’re entitled to and get your business back on track.

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