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AAG answers your questions about public adjusters and more.

  • What is a public insurance adjuster?
    Public adjusters are insurance adjusters who work solely for the policyholder and not the insurance carrier. Independent adjusters work for the insurance company, not you. Public adjusters have no conflict of interest when negotiating on your behalf with the insurance companies. It also means that public adjusters will usually contact you after a disaster. Knowing what questions to ask is key to distinguishing between reliable and untrustworthy firms.
  • What kind of losses does AAG handle?
    AAG represents policyholders with all types of property damage claims including but not limited to: - Fire - Water - Hurricane - Tornado - Flood - Hail - Earthquake - Collapse - Sinkhole Each of these particular causes of loss has it’s own distinct challenges. AAG has successfully ushered thousands of business owners through every conceivable type of disaster.
  • Who are public adjusters?
    Licensed public adjusters are trained professionals who represent your company’s interests and not that of the insurance company, are adept at decoding the technical language of your policy and the often-convoluted procedures required for claims due to fire, wind, explosion, water, vandalism and other disaster claims. The types of companies who hire public adjusters to represent them by preparing, filing and adjusting insurance claims include commercial businesses, public and private institutions, professional service firms, and residential property owners.
  • Why do I need a public adjuster?
    Because public claims adjusters aren’t connected to your insurance company in any way, there is no conflict of interest. A public adjuster’s sole objective is to ensure you receive the maximum financial compensation due to you as outlined by your policy. Choosing an accredited public insurance adjuster is essential because it ensures that your adjuster adheres to a strict code of ethics as established by the profession’s national association, the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters, or NAPIA. Could you process your own claim? Sure. But doing so will not only take you away from getting your business back on track after your property loss, but you may not achieve as successful a settlement as a trained professional who handles thousands of similar cases every year. The right public adjuster is the one who has handled many cases just like yours with your particular insurance carrier and understands the idiosyncrasies and specific obstacles that company represents. Besides, a typical policy has hundreds of provisions, stipulations, riders and multiple forms that are constantly being updated; keeping up-to-date on these changes is part of each public adjusters professional development. You, as a newcomer to the insurance claim system, are unlikely to be aware of these complex settlement requirements, further slowing the process and ultimately delay and potentially adversely effect payment.
  • How do public adjusters work?
    Your public insurance adjuster will prepare and present your claim to your insurance company, ensuring that you achieve an equitable adjustment that includes everything you’re entitled to given the details of your particular insurance policy. During the claims process your adjuster will take a physical inventory, obtain all relevant appraisals and ensure that all provisions of your policy are satisfied. By complying with your policy requirements in a timely manner, your public adjuster will preserve evidence that might otherwise have been inadvertently overlooked or destroyed by you, your employees, or the insurance company. Keep in mind that the more precisely and completely your claim is assembled and presented, the faster you will achieve an equitable adjustment.
  • What happens during the initial meeting with AAG?
    At our initial meeting we assign a claim manager who will be by your side throughout the process, ensuring that each step goes as smoothly as possible. Some of the services you can expect this team to deliver include: - A comprehensive review of your current policy; - Help in complying with your policy requirements; - Help in developing a claim strategy designed to maximize your financial recovery; - A thorough evaluation of your loss through careful research–detailing and substantiating every aspect of your claim, including any damage to buildings, their contents, any business interruption, and extra expense claims; - Presentation of and support for an itemized claim package for your insurance carrier; - Serve as your advocate for any and all inspections and meetings with your insurance carrier; - Ensure the best possible settlement in the shortest amount of time; - Keep you updated every step of the way.
  • How do public adjusters get paid ?
    A public insurance adjuster’s fee is a percentage of your settlement with the insurance carrier. Therefore, it’s in the adjusters best interest to ensure you achieve the highest settlement possible. It also means that often the adjuster’s services can save you the cost of his/her fees.
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