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How to Find a Great Insurance Broker?

Insurance Broker - Affiliated Adjustment Group - NYC

When you’re looking at significant damage to your home or commercial property, filing for insurance loss recovery becomes a priority. But before you move any further, you are going to need a reliable public adjuster that’s on your side.

Find a Licensed Public Adjuster

Hiring the right insurance adjuster for insurance claims is crucial if you want to maximize your settlement. Most states require proper licensing for public adjusters. You can check the adjuster's license status online in most state directories. To confirm your license, you can also contact the insurance department in your state. Visit to find out the options when it comes to getting a public insurance adjuster.


You probably don't have much expertise with insurance claims, and you might not be too familiar with local insurance rules. If you don’t have the required knowledge to manage the claim in a way that would maximize your payout, a public adjuster is a right person to contact. A public adjuster, on the other hand, does, and they'll utilize their knowledge and training to assist you in obtaining a greater payout.

When it’s time to cover property damage or commercial claims, you need to hire a public insurance adjuster who is an expert in all of the latest laws and language of insurance policies. They can also help you in filing and providing accurate information on your insurance claim to maximize the chances of getting your insurance claim approved.

Insurance Brokerage In NY

One of the major reasons why it makes sense to hire a public adjuster is that, unlike the adjuster sent by your insurance provider, a public adjuster will be on your side and will help you save significant time and effort while avoiding the common pitfalls of making insurance claims after residential or commercial property damage. For more information on how a public insurance adjuster can help, contact Affiliated Adjustment Group today.

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