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Questions to Ask Your Insurer After a Disaster

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Insurance claims can be exhausting for some people due to a lack of information. When faced with a natural disaster, home and business owners may fail to recover fully due to various factors. Generally, first-time claimers need clarification to claim the maximum recovery of their losses. This is where a public adjuster comes in for the insurance holder’s advocacy. To help you ensure complete loss recovery, we have covered important questions you should ask your insurer.

Essential Questions to Ask Your Insurer

We have divided the questions into separate categories for your ease.

Questions About the Assigned Insurance Team

  • Who should I contact throughout the claim process?

  • Which insurance adjuster will handle my case?

  • How will the adjuster keep me updated on the progress?

  • Will you hire forensic teams, engineers, estimators, and other professionals to evaluate the damages?

  • Does my insurance cover the case preparation costs?

Questions About the Insurance Holder’s Obligations

  • Which documents should I submit?

  • Where should I access the forms? (If forms are required to be filled)

  • How should I prepare my inventory?

  • What information do you need per item to claim my insurance?

  • What is the preferred methodology to photograph the total loss for formal documentation?

  • What should I do if every item is destroyed and unfit for identification?

  • Can I start the cleanup process while the insurance team arrives at the destination?

  • Can I repair or replace anything? If yes, to what extent?

Questions About Insurance Coverages

  • Does my insurance loss recovery cover the disaster I have faced?

  • Which property damage is not covered in my insurance policy?

  • What coverages do I need to be eligible for the damages I have faced?

  • What are my insurance policy limits?

  • Can you tell me my deductible amounts?

  • How does the deductible apply?

  • Is my insurance policy an Actual Cash Value or a Replacement Cost Value?

  • How do you apply the valuation methods to my insurance claim?

Questions About Funds and Settlement

  • Can I receive an advance from the insurance company?

  • How do I determine my settlement amount?

  • How and when can I receive my settlement funds?

  • What should I do if I do not receive everything I am entitled to?

  • What should I do if my claim is denied?

Questions About Business Owners

  • What are my choices when rebuilding or replacing my property?

  • What should I know about collecting code coverage funds?

  • How will I be compensated for lost sales and business income? (commercial claims)

  • Does my insurance claim to cover emergency expenses (mitigation, payroll, relocations, etc.)?

  • Will my employees receive personal property coverage?

  • Will my customers receive personal property coverage?

Questions for Homeowners

  • Will I be credited for Additional Living Expenses (ALE)?

  • How should I get reimbursement for such costs?

Insurance Claims In NY

The above questions can help you get the maximum benefit from your insurance plan in case of natural disasters. If you need an expert’s help, contact one of the professionals at Affiliated Adjustment Group today.


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