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Types of Claims That Public Adjusters Help Settle

To many people, a public or insurance adjuster is worth their weight in gold. When disaster strikes at your home and business, a public adjuster can fight for your rights with the insurance company and help you get a fair and just settlement.

Here are several types of claims that public adjusters can help settle for you:

Hurricane Damage

One of the biggest and most frequent natural disasters is hurricanes, which can cause significant harm to your home and business. Since 1980, tropical cyclones have resulted in $945.9 billion in total damage with an average of almost $21.5 billion per event. If your home or business has experienced damage from a hurricane, hiring a public adjuster is in your best interest as they can help you determine the extent of your damages, calculate their cost, and negotiate a settlement with the insurance company on your behalf.

Plumbing Leak

According to Home Advisor, homeowners paid an average of $2,582 for water damage in 2019. Plumbing issues can strike your home and business without any warning. In many cases, the leak will not be evident outside but will continue to damage the walls of your property. If you notice moisture stains on your walls or a puddle on your floorboards, you need to get it checked out and contact a public adjuster immediately.

Water Leakage from the AC

In the summer season, most of us rely on air conditioners to keep our living and working spaces cool. However, if your AC unit breaks down, it can flood your basement or garage where the unit is located. If this happens, you need to get it fixed immediately and let a public adjuster handle the insurance claim.

Roof Damage

Roof damage can be a result of inclement weather and can compromise the comfort and safety of your entire family. Whether it is loose shingles or cracks or holes in your roof, you need to pay attention to the problem fast. If you need to file a claim against an insurance company, call Adjustment Group today.

Cracks on the Infrastructure

Many houses have hairline cracks on their walls, particularly around doorways and windows. It is a sign of your home settling and can be easily repaired. However, cracks that are bigger than one-fourth of an inch and have a jagged appearance can mean bigger issues for your property structure. If you find a crack in the wall and are not certain how bad it is, you can call us to assess the damage.

Fire Damage

One of the greatest threats to a property is fire. Even a small spark can quickly turn into a conflagration and can destroy your entire home or business in just a matter of minutes. If your home or business has been damaged, you probably are looking forward to arguing with insurance companies to get your rightful claims. Having an insurance adjuster represent you and negotiate the maximum settlement on your behalf can prevent additional headaches and help you get your money as well.

Public Adjuster In New York

Whether your home and business has been damaged, Affiliated Adjustment Group can ensure swift insurance loss recovery and help you get your rightful claim. We deal in residential claims as well as commercial claims and can bring you peace of mind when it comes to getting the maximum settlement amount for you.


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