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FAQ's For Your Insurer After A Disaster

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There’s so much more to the insurance claim process, which is why you need to hire an experienced public adjuster who will give you the right quote after a damage assessment. It is also advised to hire a public adjuster even after the insurance company’s assessment so that you can make the right claim.

Can I Get Emergency Money?

After property damage, your insurer can make arrangements to have emergency funds deposited into your account if you are having financial difficulties (but most can do it the same day). When they pay your final claim, they will subtract what they paid you.

Making a Claim

Although most carriers have a toll-free hotline you may call to report the claim, you can first tell your agent or broker. You should hear from an adjuster who will guide you through the claims procedure within 24 hours. You must adhere to specific "conditions" in order for your policy's coverage to be effective.

This entails filing the claim right away, preventing future damage to the property, such as by boarded up after a loss, and working with the insurance to resolve the loss. If you provide the adjuster the details they need to manage your loss, your claims procedure should go easily. Your adjuster will acquire your statement, however unless your adjuster authorizes the contact, don't give your statement to anybody other than your insurance.

What are the Coverage Exclusions?

If business owners discover they have a gap or multiple gaps in coverage, they may be at a significant disadvantage. They may be extremely susceptible as a result to having to pay for damage out of pocket. Not only that, but because of how intricate and sophisticated policy language may be, it can be quite challenging for even seasoned business owners to recognize they have coverage gaps.

To make sure there are no coverage gaps, insurers should take the time to carefully evaluate their policies with reliable legal advice. Damage from a flood, earthquake, or windstorm are some of the most frequent situations where business policyholders may discover they have coverage gaps.

It's crucial to know everything there is to know about commercial property insurance if you run your own business and own commercial real estate. Commercial insurance is essential for lowering your risk as a business owner and guaranteeing financial security for your team, your clients, and your way of life. You can find out more on how a public adjuster can help you with your commercial claims by calling the team at Affiliated Adjustment Group today.

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