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Why Should You Hire A Public Adjuster?

Insurance Adjuster - Affiliated Adjustment Group - NYC

Any unfortunate or natural event can occur anytime, causing damage to your property and may require tens of thousands of dollars, if not more, to fix. In this case, a public adjuster can help you evaluate the loss incurred and file an insurance claim. Public adjusters are professionals who work with residences and businesses and ensure their insurance loss recovery process is expedited and their claims are settled fully by the insurance company. Let’s find out a few more of their benefits:

Public Adjusters Work for You

Whether you have a residential claim or a commercial claim, a public adjuster will provide you the full scope of services, from the initial consultation to the time when the settlement is paid. That means you get 100% support until your claim is resolved. In addition, these adjusters also offer extra resources to ensure the residence or business is restored in the best possible manner.

Public Adjusters Help You Get a Better Payout

Insurance companies make their money by not paying out claims. Hence, negotiating with an insurance company is the most stressful part of the claims process. Often, insurance companies may reject your claim based on ambiguous factors that customers understand little. Insurance companies also use complex technical languages in their contract. However, with the help of an insurance adjuster, you will have an expert on your side who will fight for a fair settlement on behalf of you. This can help you get a better payout.

Public Adjusters are Highly Qualified and Experienced

Many insurance policyholders do not know insurance laws, do not have any experience in managing insurance cases, and don’t know how to create a strong case for themselves. A public adjuster can make full use of their education and experience to get you the settlement you need.

Public Adjuster Are Not Paid Until You Are

The great part of working with an insurance adjuster is that they do not need an upfront fee. Most public adjusters will work with you on a contingency fee basis and will be paid a part of your settlement once your claim is closed satisfactorily. The bigger settlement you are awarded, the higher will be the public adjuster’s fee so there is more reason for them to fight harder on your behalf.

Public Adjusters Do Not Let Emotions Cloud Their Judgment

A policyholder is most probably worried or stressed because of the damage they have incurred. This can cause them to make mistakes while filing a claim or accept an unfairly small amount of settlement from the insurance company. When you hire a public adjuster, however, you remove the emotions out of the equation, and they can approach your case in a calm and calculated way that yields maximum benefit for you.

Insurance Adjuster In New York

Dealing with insurance companies in the aftermath of a disaster is no easy task. Whether you have a residential or commercial claim, at Affiliated Adjustment Group, we can help you settle your claims easily and efficiently while removing the hassle from your side. Reach out to us today.


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