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Property Damage Claim: Steps You Need To Take After The Incident

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If your home has been damaged, there’s no time to lose. An insurance claim can help you get compensated for your loss. But only if you act quickly. Insurance loss recovery can be one of the most complicated processes, especially because homeowners or those filing for residential claims are usually not on the same playing field when understanding the laws and lingo used in residential claims.

Get Familiar with Your Coverage

Now might be the best time to take out that declaration page and read the policy carefully. The declaration page is where you will find more details on Coverage A, Coverage B, C, and D, and the main differences between these categories, along with medical or liability payments. It is crucial to understand the fine print on that page so you have a good idea of the basics and you and the insurance adjuster are on the same page.

Hiring a Public Adjuster

While your insurance provider will be quick to get an insurance adjustment by getting one of their insurance adjusters to contact you, it is best to go for a public adjuster instead after a property loss.

For starters, unlike the one sent by the insurance company, the public adjuster that you hire is going to work for you. In other words, the public adjuster looks out for your best interests and not of the insurance company. This means the public adjuster will not try to minimize the severity or cost of the damage to your property just so that the insurance provider gets to pay less in damages. This is reason alone to hire a public adjuster for reliable and honest residential claims.

Another major reason to hire a public adjuster, such as one from Affiliated Adjustment Group, perhaps, is because you will most likely be stressed out about your situation, which puts you at a higher risk of making mistakes while filing for an insurance claim. With a public adjuster (with no skin in the game) by your side, you can rest assured that you are going to get the maximum settlement to cover your losses.

Work with Your Public Adjuster

There’s going to be some time from the damage or destruction of your property and the time the insurance provider’s representative and the public adjuster get to your property. To put your time to good use, document all damages to your property carefully, take photographs, or make videos of the extent of the damage to your property to make the evaluation process easier.


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