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Will My Insurance Pay For Frozen Pipe Damage?

Frozen Pipe Damage - Affiliated Adjustment Group - NYC

Winters can be extremely challenging for some regions. With ice-cold temperatures, water pipes can be frozen and lead to blockage. Such conditions can cause frozen pipe bursts, leading to property damage. A common question some policyholders have is whether their insurance covers such damages. You have arrived at the right place if you are looking for the same information. Let’s dive into the details to understand how your insurance claims can help you with frozen pipe damage.

Why Do Insurance Companies Deny Frozen Pipe Damage Claims?

Insurance providers often deny frozen pipe damage claims. While some policies cover such damages, others impose specific conditions for your coverage to be applicable. When filing for commercial claims with an insurance adjuster’s assistance, you may keep a few factors in check.

Policy Terms

Some insurance companies ask home or business owners to maintain a temperature in cold weather. Suppose they fail to maintain the optimal in-house temperature, their frozen pipe damage claims may be denied. Always read your policy’s terms thoroughly to ensure you are on the same page with the company.

Prompt Notification

Another factor that leads to denied claims is failing to notify the insurance company promptly. Typically, insurance companies require their clients to file for property damage caused by frozen pipes within 72 hours. You may check with your insurance company about the notification period to avoid problems down the road.

Possibility of Neglect

When filing for insurance loss recovery with the help of a public adjuster, you may rule out the possibility of neglect from your end. Insurance providers may deny the claims based on negligence, like overlooking minor pipe leakages, water flow issues, and other maintenance-related factors.

Vacant Property

Your coverage provider may deny your insurance claims if your property remains vacant for 30 days or more. While valid, some companies offer coverage benefits regardless of your property’s vacancy status.

How to Claim Frozen Pipe Damage In New York

If you face property damage due to frozen water pipes in winter, you may collect the evidence to support your claim and seek help from an insurance adjuster. They can help you pursue the case the right way and get you the compensation you deserve. Affiliated Adjustment Group can help you file claims by preparing the required documentation and representing the case well. Get in touch with us today to explore your options.


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