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How Do You Know When You Have Water Damage?

Water Damage Claims - Affiliated Adjustment Group - NY

Water damage is a common problem in households. The common causes of the problem are extreme weather, poor drainage concealment, broken or cracked pipes, and faulty construction. Regardless of the cause, ignoring water damage can lead to serious property damage issues. As a homeowner, you might wonder how to identify when you have water damage. To help you out, we have covered a few important signs of water damage.

Common Signs of Water Damage

Water damage can ruin your property’s structure, attraction, and value. Many households ignore it till the last moment and regret their choice. Water damage may seem small; it can be poison for concrete structures. To save yourself from such cases and gain the maximum advantage during private or commercial claims, you may monitor the following factors.

Wall Stains

If you notice stains on your home’s walls, they may indicate water damage. When the water reaches the walls, it damps the spot and affects the top surface. You may notice discoloration or uneven wall patches. Such stains may indicate water problems. It may be due to circumstantial changes (weather problems) or other factors.

If you notice wall stains, you may call your contractor to seek confirmation before filing for insurance claims.

Deteriorating Structures

Have you ever noticed a part of the wall deteriorating at home? If yes, the reason might be water damage. The base layer of the wall’s structure is made of absorbent materials. When excess water establishes contact with them, they become overly damp and impact the top surface. The most common impact is deterioration. It may indicate an alarming state of water damage.

An insurance adjuster may help you get the best compensation for your property’s water-based damages. You may consult a professional before calling the insurance company.

Chipping Wall Paint

Another common sign of water damage is chipping wall paint. The damp wall structure weakens the paint’s strength to hold onto the wall. Sometimes, the paint develops minor cracks that transform into bigger chips that flake off the walls. People often repaint those wall sections to restore their appearance.

However, calling a water damage contractor may help you evaluate the wall’s condition and dig the water leakage source for repairs.

Water Damage Claims In NY

The above factors can help you identify water damage at home for timely repairs. If you need decent compensation from your insurance company, contact one of the public adjusters at Affiliated Adjustment Group today for insurance loss recovery.


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