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What Is Freeze Exclusion?

Freeze Exclusion - Affiliated Adjustment Group - NYC

As a resident of the United States, you may often find yourself negotiating with insurance companies for filing claims on property damage. It may be due to accidental damage, natural disasters, or weather-imposed problems. A common term that you should be familiar with is freeze exclusion when dealing with insurance providers with the help of a public adjuster. This read will help you understand what freeze exclusion refers to.

Freeze Exclusion - Understanding the Concept

In a typical homeowner’s insurance policy, freeze exclusion refers to a clause that excludes insurance claims on property damage caused by freezing temperatures. This exclusion comes into action when certain conditions are left unfulfilled on the homeowner’s end. Before you file for insurance loss recovery with an insurance adjuster’s assistance, understanding these conditions is crucial. Here is what you should know.

Leaving House Pipes Uninsulated

Leaving your house’s pipes uninsulated in winter can lead to freeze exclusion when claiming insurance. Insurance providers often impose this condition on policyholders to ensure rightful claims.

Turning Off the Home’s Heating System

Turning off your home’s heating system in freezing temperatures can violate your insurance policy and lead to exclusions. The rule also applies to vacant buildings. As a policyholder, you may avoid leaving vacant stores in winter to make rightful claims.

Failing to Drain Water

Water drainage is a crucial part of the homeowner’s insurance policy. If you leave the water undrained from outdoor plumbing, it may freeze in cold temperatures, causing the pipes to be damaged. In such scenarios, freeze exclusion comes into action and strips coverage benefits from homeowners.

Variation in Terms and Conditions

While freeze exclusion is applicable as a standard clause, the terms and conditions may vary for each insurance company. Before seeking an insurance adjuster’s claim, you may thoroughly check your policy’s terms beforehand. This also applies to commercial claims.

If possible, discuss your case with an adjuster first. They can guide you on the dos and don’ts of your policy to make an informed decision. In all cases, never forget to collect evidence highlighting property damage when filing claims with your insurance company.

Loss Consultant NYC

The above information highlights the meaning and details of freeze exclusion to help you rightfully claim your losses. If you need assistance in the compensation process, Affiliated Adjustment Group can help you. Feel free to explore our services on the website and contact us to discuss your case.


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