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First Steps You Need to Take After a Business Fire

Business Fire - Affiliated Adjustment Group - NY

Handling the aftermath of a business fire can be difficult. It is much harder to deal with the turmoil when it affects your job, workers, and financial stability. Although a business fire is the last thing you want, it is always best to be prepared, including insurance loss recovery.

Contact the Insurance Adjuster

Inform your insurance provider right away. Prepare as much information as you can for the initial call. Describe the amount of water and fire damage, as well as your anticipated losses. Include these crucial things as well.

Access the Damage

It is important to remember that firefighting operations saturate the floors, ceilings, and walls, making the area unsafe. The roof, external walls, and foundation of a building are all damaged by the extreme heat of a commercial property fire. Hire a trained fire damage specialist to evaluate the interior and exterior structural safety of your building.

Hire a Public Adjuster

Similar to residential claims, an insurance claim is recommended for a business fire. That’s because insurance providers don’t always accept a business fire damage claim. This is where a public adjuster will represent your best interests.

The public adjuster will document and take photos or videos of the damage, which will be included in the final damage report. They will also record the costs and timelines proposed by the contractor. Keep a record of every correspondence with your insurance provider, including the times, dates, and people involved.

Remember that any enterprise property destroyed by fire should not be discarded. That includes throwing away any furniture or stock that has been destroyed by water. Keep everything in its current location to allow your adjuster to assess your post-fire damages fully.

Fire Damage Loss Recovery In New York

After a business fire, things used for business are frequently salvageable by skilled restoration specialists. Electronics and paper documents may both be salvaged with the use of special procedures. Consult your repair provider about possible recovery options, particularly for these important papers. Besides, you need to keep everything where it is to be documented by the insurance adjuster and the public adjuster.

For more information, you can always contact the experts at Affiliated Adjustment Group to represent you during an insurance claim.

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