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How We Can Help with Income Loss

Business owners face many challenges in keeping their offices up and running. While some challenges are controllable, others can interrupt business operations and lead to significant income losses. This is where income insurance claims come in handy. However, claiming your income loss can be a challenge itself when you are unaware of the tactics used by insurance companies to minimize recoveries. While valid, an insurance adjuster can save you from income losses.

What Does a Public Adjuster Do?

A public adjuster or an insurance adjuster can defend your case against insurance companies to get you the maximum income loss recovery. As experts in the industry, insurance adjusters are well aware of the policies and conditions that can help you in insurance loss recovery. Public adjustment companies can be your advocate if your business faces problems, including workplace disasters (property damage), state-declared emergencies, and other issues leading to business interruptions.

Types of Business Interruption Insurance Recoveries

Generally, business interruption insurance recoveries apply to the following scenarios.

Business Operations Interruption

This insurance claim takes effect when a business owner needs time to repair damaged property. If your workplace is unsafe due to a need for repairs, you may stop business operations to initiate repair work. Commercial claims come in handy to ensure income loss recovery.

Business Interruption (Extended)

This insurance claim takes effect after you repair the property and resume business operations but fall behind on loss recoveries. The time duration varies for each business depending on the business nature.

Business Interruption (Contingent)

This insurance claim does not directly apply to business property. It takes effect when a supplier or a consumer bears the loss due to the interruption of a business’s operations.

How Can a Public Adjuster Help?

A public adjuster can help you claim your income losses for any of the above cases (when applicable). Insurance companies use various tactics to justify the minimum insurance claims for property damages. Hiring an insurance adjustment firm can save you from significant losses and recover your income against a certain percentage. Public adjusters take this percentage (fee) directly from the approved amounts. You do not have to worry about paying them from your pocket.

Insurance Adjusters NYC

The above details can help you recover your income losses with the assistance of a professional insurance adjuster. If you need an expert’s advice, you may contact one of the experienced public adjusters at Affiliated Adjustment Group today to discuss your needs.


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