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Differences Between Types of Adjusters

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Adjusters are responsible for managing insurance claims for policyholders. However, not all adjusters do the same job and in the same way. Insurance adjusters can be categorized into different types based on how they perform their services. We have covered the details of each to give you a better idea.

Types of Insurance Adjusters

Insurance adjusters can be classified as company adjusters, independent adjusters, or public adjusters. Let’s dive into the details of each.

Company Adjusters

A company adjuster (also known as a staff adjuster) is a full-time employee of an insurance firm. They investigate a case, determine the damage costs, and make the final settlement. Company adjusters are further classified into two types.

Desk Adjusters: These insurance adjusters sit on a desk anywhere across the globe and are contacted by insurance companies to evaluate the damages in a particular case. Desk adjusters evaluate costs by asking policyholders questions about the incident (of damage) and require visual evidence to proceed with the claim.

Field Adjusters: When a claim is too large for a desk adjuster to handle, insurance companies reach out to field adjusters. These adjusters go to the site to physically examine and evaluate property damages to file claims. Such adjusters come into action only when desk adjusters cannot evaluate losses.

Independent Adjusters

Independent insurance adjusters offer contract-based services to insurance firms. Adjustment companies typically call them when there is an excessive load of insurance claims. Such situations occur during storms, hurricanes, and other disasters that affect multiple houses or commercial sectors at once.

While independent adjusters support policy holders in getting the best private and commercial claims, they are bound to represent the company (that hired them). Moreover, these adjusters work to speed up the claim process and clear the backlog in times of catastrophic events.

Public Adjusters

Public adjusters hold a different responsibility than staff and independent adjusters. They offer freelance services as well as represent public adjustment firms based on their preferences. What sets them apart from independent and staff adjusters is who they serve. Public adjusters work for policyholders to get them the best claims for their property damages.

Homeowners often prefer public adjustment firms over independent and staff adjusters. They represent your case and establish the best cases to file the maximum claims for your damages.

Public Adjusting Services in NYC

The above details highlight the role of different adjusters in insurance loss recovery. If you need a public adjustment firm that gets you the best dollar on your claim, Affiliate Adjustment Group can help you. Contact us today to get started.


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