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Are You Covered for Sinkholes?

Sinkhole Coverage - Affiliated Adjustment Group - NYC

If you are a Florida resident, you might be familiar with sinkholes. Sinkholes occur when the ground collapses, leading to a disaster at home or on commercial properties. They can be costly to fix due to various serious factors involved in the repairing equation. While some public adjusters may help you get insurance claims for such damages, many miss out on coverage for sinkholes. Let’s dive into the details for a better understanding.

What Are the Causes of Sinkholes?

Sinkholes are highly unpredictable in terms of when and how they occur. In most cases, natural disasters increase the chances of sinkholes in households. If you live in an area with frequent rainfalls and thunderstorms, you may be at a higher risk of sinkholes. Rock and mineral erosion can cause the ground to collapse and form a sinkhole.

Moreover, sinkholes can be human-induced due to ground drilling, mining, and other construction-related activities that may weaken the ground’s structure.

The Common Effects of Sinkholes

Sinkholes can be disastrous due to the involvement of the ground. People standing above may fall into the pit and receive injuries as the ground collapses. In the worst cases, they can lose lives while coping effectively. Another major impact of sinkholes is structural and property damage. If a sinkhole occurs near a commercial building, the building may be at risk of collapsing.

A less common effect of sinkholes is toxicity. When the ground collapses, toxic chemicals may come out and pollute the environment (by mixing into air and water).

Does Your Insurance Plan Cover Sinkhole Disasters?

Most insurance companies group sinkholes with the ‘earth movement’ disaster category. This category includes natural disasters due to the earth’s movements, such as earthquakes, and may not be covered in your private or commercial claims. Some insurance companies offer sinkhole coverage with additional costs.

For instance, Florida binds insurance companies to offer additional coverage to people for an insurance loss recovery. Such plans may not (necessarily) cover sinkholes. However, you may check with your insurance provider for coverage criteria and limits.

How to Claim Insurance for Sinkholes?

To get the maximum benefit from your additional insurance claims, seeking an insurance adjuster’s help can be vital. Affiliated Adjustment Group advocates insurance cases to help you receive the best possible recovery amounts for your losses. Get in touch with one of the professionals today to discuss your case.


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