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How to Complete a Total Loss Inventory

Total Loss Recovery In New York - Affiliated Adjustment Group - NYC

One of the most difficult things to go through is a total loss, where you lose all your belongings to property damage. This may be due to a fire or burglary, requiring you to be proactive about your insurance loss recovery process.

Going through a total loss inventory can be stressful, but you should complete the process necessary to get the compensation you deserve.

Let’s explore how to complete a total loss inventory.

Make a Blueprint

In the event of a fire, you may lose all your belongings, which may burn to ash. If you don't have any pictures of your residential or commercial property, you need to make a blueprint of your home.

This does not have to be the same as what an architect draws. You can simply make diagrams of all the things you've lost that reside in different spaces.

For example, you can draw the shapes of your furniture and other belongings in your home or office. This gives the insurance company an idea of the extent of your losses due to property damage.

Create a List of your Belongings and their Value

If your belongings have been demolished due to hurricane, hail, water, or fire damage, you need to make a list of everything you have lost. This can seem exhaustive, but you have no other option but to compile all the possessions you have lost.

When you can provide your insurance company with an accurate list of items, they can approve it and give you the compensation you deserve.

It is difficult to remember everything you have lost, but you need to find ways to jog your memory and create a list to help you quantify the extent of damages.

If you don’t have any receipts, you need to do your research and present costs of all the things you have purchased. This can help the insurance company cater to your needs and give you an accurate amount for your losses.

In most cases, you will not get exactly what you’ve lost. Insurance companies find ways to pay less, but you can plan for this by hiring an insurance adjuster.

Total Loss Recovery In New York

Affiliated Adjustment Group has a team of dedicated professionals that can help you recover your claim after a total loss. If you’re worried about not getting the money you deserve, you can speak to an agent today.

Contact them by visiting their website or call at (516)352-1400.


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