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The Importance of Building Code Coverage

Building Codes - Affiliated Adjustment Group - New York

Homeownership is one of the biggest milestones in a person’s life. It represents stability, security, and a sense of accomplishment. However, amid the excitement of finding the perfect home, many people overlook the importance of building code coverage.

The set of code ordinances established by local authorities dictates the minimum requirements for constructing and maintaining residential structures. These codes are designed to ensure the safety, health, and general well-being of the occupants as well as to safeguard the surrounding buildings.

So, why should you buy it if you already have insurance and dwelling coverage?

Let’s find out:

Insurance Benefits

According to the Insurance Information Institute, if your house gets damaged by a covered peril, your insurance policy might not cover the full cost if the property isn’t up to the current building codes.

Insurance companies often base their coverage on the assumption that a property meets current building codes. If your home is damaged and needs repairs, your insurance policies may require compliance with the latest codes during the restoration process.

Without proper coverage, you might be left with significant out-of-pocket expenses to bring your home up to code, making insurance claims more challenging and costly. This is why you should hire a public adjuster to navigate the process.

Here's what this coverage offers:

Code-Related Upgrades: In many cases, building code coverage not only covers the mandatory code upgrades but also provides funds for optional upgrades. This can be advantageous for property owners, allowing them to enhance the safety and structural integrity of their buildings beyond the minimum requirements.

Avoiding Coverage Gaps: When rebuilding or repairing a damaged property, complying with the latest building codes is often a requirement. Without building code coverage, your standard insurance policy may not cover the additional costs, leading to coverage gaps and financial strain.

Ensuring Compliance: Building codes are in place to enhance safety and reduce risks. By incorporating building code coverage, property owners ensure that their rebuilt structures comply with the latest safety standards, minimizing the likelihood of future damage and potential liability issues.

Preserving Property Value: Adhering to current building codes helps in maintaining or even increasing the property value. Properties that meet the latest standards are more attractive to buyers and may command a higher market value.

Knowing that your home is built in accordance with established building codes provides you with peace of mind that your property is a safe and durable investment. By adhering to current codes during the construction or renovation process, you mitigate the risk of having to make significant updates down the line.

Code Compliance NYC

As a responsible homeowner, prioritizing building code coverage for insurance loss recovery from the outset is a wise decision that pays off in the long run, both in terms of financial security and the well-being of your loved ones.

Affiliated Adjustment Group recognizes that every claim is unique, which is why our insurance adjusters take the time to understand your specific needs and concerns. From initial assessment to final resolution, we are here to provide personalized guidance tailored to your situation. To discuss your property damage claim, call (516) 352-1400.


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