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Hurricane Ida Damage

From August 26th through September 5th, 2021, Hurricane Ida, a category 4 Atlantic hurricane wreaked havoc and destruction from the Gulf up to the North East US. With 150 mph winds, it brought flooding and building damage. AAG was brought into Louisiana by a family with $5 million in damaged real estate.

When Ida struck Louisiana, it was a category 4 hurricane with winds of over 150 mph. It became the 2nd most damaging and intense hurricane behind Katrina to ever hit the US. A total of 107 people died, 87 of whom were in the US. The total damages in the US alone were over $75.25 billion. A family with properties in Louisiana reached out to AAG for help in filing and settling their insurance claims.

Emergent Concerns

Immediately upon taking the case, AAG's team coordinated emergency response and restoration efforts which included: security, fuel, temporary housing for residents whose buildings were uninhabitable from the destruction, and setting up field offices for their insurance teams. 


Once the area and residents in the buildings were taken care of, AAG worked with the owners to assemble a team of architects, engineers, and contractors to work on repairs and file everything the insurance company needed for their claims.


AAG was able to successfully prepare, present, and handle the entire insurance claims process.  

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