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Bronx Apartment Fire

On January 21, 2020, a cooperative apartment building in The Bronx sustained significant fire damage to the top-floor apartments, resulting in significant water damage below. Approximately 16 units were affected, and the shareholders of those units were displaced. The shareholders retained AAG to navigate a complex property damage claim.

Emergent Concerns

The adjustment of the claim involved communication with both the co-op association and shareholder insurance companies to determine the repair responsibilities per the terms and conditions of the cooperative proprietary lease agreement. Unfortunately, construction challenges manifested due to a New York State-mandated "Stop Work Order" in March 2020. COVID-19 was classified as a global pandemic, resulting in a shutdown of all nonessential construction for more than two months.

The cooperative association was therefore concerned that the repairs may not be completed in a timely manner as these COVID-19 restrictions would affect their settlement recovery from their own insurance company.


AAG's team, including hygienists, restoration companies, cost estimators, architects, and code upgrade consultants, assisted with the claim adjustment and negotiation. AAG devised a game plan to support an updated replacement value of the structure that addressed all applicable specifications and associated costs.

This meticulous planning and negotiation led by AAG enabled residents to reoccupy the apartments for approximately one year after the fire, reducing shareholder concerns that their individual insurance policy limits would expire, forcing shareholders to incur out-of-pocket expenses.


AAG guided the shareholders during every step of the claim process, providing them with significant support during an incredibly uncertain and emotional time. Our team negotiated with the co-op association's insurance company to achieve a sizable loss of income recovery and a multimillion-dollar building settlement.

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