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Warehouse Fire In New Jersey

On July 22, 2015, a 600,000 sqft warehouse filled with vehicles caught fire at 2 am. After burning for hours, and firefighters struggling to put out the blaze, nearby homes and buildings were evacuated for safety.

This large warehouse caught fire in the early morning of July 22nd in North Brunswick, NJ, and continued burning for hours. This prompted a region-wide response for evacuation and safety protocols. The smoke could be seen for miles. AAG was retained for public adjusting services.


Emergent Concerns

A nearby apartment building caught fire due to the embers carried by the wind from the burning building. Local residents within a few miles were evacuated outside of town. Residents in the town were immediately alerted to the fire and air quality concerns.


AAG brought in experts to quickly and accurately assess all damages from the warehouse and nearby buildings. The team worked with all of the local and state government agencies needed to successfully de-escalate the situation and help people in the area.


AAG was able to file and settle all of the claims from start to finish. 

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