As reported in and other major news publications, a private Learjet crashed shortly after takeoff at Teterboro Airport, regretfully resulting in the death of its two passengers. Violently exploding on impact, the Learjet spewed flaming jet fuel that quickly engulfed two industrial buildings.


Earlier, police said authorities arrived at the crash scene to find that fire had engulfed two industrial buildings near a Carlstadt Department of Public Works building.

The last employee left the building about 15 minutes before the crash and locked the gate, Lahullier said. “When we got there, in the middle of the fire … our gate was still locked, which gave us a good indication that he had already left the building,” the mayor said.

He added: “It’s a miracle. We were all out of there at that time.”

As a result of the catastrophic damage to the building, Affiliated Adjustment Group was retained to provide the policyholder all required public adjusting services. AAG’s vertical of services were immediately made available to the client after the occurrence. AAG’s staff and strategic partners are working with the carrier and their experts to expedite and maximize the client’s recovery.

AAG’s suite of claim services included the preparation and presentation of building, business personal property, business income, extra expense and code upgrade claims. AAG’s proprietary approach to claims handling is complemented by our staff and strategic partners, consisting of forensic accountants, coverage counsel, building consultants, engineers, architects, expeditors, inventory appraisers and emergency service providers.

Said John J. Panico, Partner, Affiliated Adjustment Group: “We are moving quickly with restoration and reconstruction work to get the insured’s business back on track as quickly as possible. Thankfully, there was no loss of life incurred by our client. Our deepest sympathies go to the families of the two passengers of the Learjet.”

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